Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Official...

Vintage-style Alphabet quilt

I'm nesting. But not in the normal sense of preparing everything for the baby's arrival. We are having another boy, so we already have all the boy cloths, misc baby gear, etc. So there's not much more to do for the baby. It's more to the effect of finishing up all my WIPs (works in progress) that have been shoved in the back of the closet for who knows how many years. Most of them are at least half finished so I've been burning through them pretty quickly.
Vintage-style Alphabet quilt

So far I've completed 3 quilts and a tablecloth. I've got a couple more baby quilts to finish up and one larger project that is a bit of a surprise so that's all I'll reveal for now!
Crazy Zoo Quilt-close up

Crazy Zoo Quilt

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