Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dallas Quilt Show

I had the opportunity to go to the Dallas Quilt Show, for the very first time, with an old friend and a new friend. I cant believe I have never gone before! It was so much fun looking at fabric, sewing tools, amazing show quilts and everything else quilt related.

Some of my favorite show quilts: (sorry for the cruddy phone pics)
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- solids2011 Dallas Quilt Show
Ive been wanting to make a patriotic quilt to put out around Independence Day so I was really liking these two:
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- stars and stripes2011 Dallas Quilt Show-patriotic quilt
Gorgeous cathedral window quilt. This was made a little differently allowing the windows to literally pop off the quilt giving it a 3D effect.
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- cathedral windows
These next two are all appliqued. I thought this one was a print at first.
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- all appliqued
So much detail in this one too!
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- appliqued

This mini quilt has the tiniest stippling ever! Pretty incredible.
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- tiniest stippling ever!
Here's a little size reference. Incredible how it goes all through and around the ribbon flower (which were done before the quilting.)
2011 Dallas Quilt Show- tiniest stippling ever!

I went in saying I wasn't going to buy anything, and of course wasn't able to stick to my guns. My favorite fabric find was this cute stack. I loved purple in high school and I guess I got sick of it because I've hated it ever since. But for some reason the combination of the gray, navy, and purple really struck a chord with me and I couldn't let go of this stack. It's Art Gallery Spellbound from Material Girl.

I also had to hunt down a pair of these awesome scissors after hearing so much hype about them the night before at the Dallas Modern Quilters Guild.

I had such a great time. I'm definitely going every year from now on!