Friday, June 4, 2010

All Star Mini Quilt

All Star Mini Quilt
I had a bunch of long skinny strips leftover from my other two All Star quilts and wasnt quite sure what to do with all the tiny scraps. Im not very creative when it comes to using my scraps, so I went with the typical mini quilt.
All Star Mini Quilt close up
Because it's so "scrappy" it became a little busy for my taste. I usually prefer quilts to have more negative space (i.e. areas of the quilt that give your eye rest or don't demand attention), like using solid borders and sashing. But this was made to be used and is not sentimental, so I don't really mind the busyness.

And I barely had enough to finish! The quilt back and binding had only inches to spare! It measures 18"x 21" approx.
All Star mini quilt back
This mini quilt is a little out of the ordinary though. It's the first anything that I've made for my immediate family to keep. No quilts, no baby bibs or burp cloths, no diapers and wipes cases, no nothing.
All Star mini quilt back close up
The plan is for this to be a changing pad for our new little boy arriving in September. Our place is pretty cramped right now and he will be in our room for quite a while. So this pad will be a great place to change diapers without worrying about getting our bed, his bed, or the floor dirty. Although, with little boys and their "accidents" during changing time, we may need a few more of these!

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