Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I made my first pincushion my sophomore year of college in a Beginners Sewing class. It was our very first project and we picked our fabrics from the leftover stash bin in the class. I never really cared for it took much. That is until I got back into sewing these past two years and finally appreciated it for all it's paper-pieced beauty. I've been wanting to make another out of fabrics that I actually chose. There are plenty of patterns out there, but when I saw this one from the Moda Bake Shop blog, I couldnt wait to make it. You can head on over there for the complete instructions, but I figured I'd show you how I completed it.

I started out with the Moda Charm pack Soire'e (charm packs are pre-cut 5 in. pieces of all the fabrics from the entire line. It's one of the few way's to actually get your hands on every single fabric from one collection. These are great to keep on hand for little projects just like this or for quilting.)
cut four 3in. squares of your favorite prints and four 3in. squares of a complementary fabric (I used inexpensive white muslin.) Cut all the squares along the diagonal to get the triangles. (Only half of my triangles are pictured below.)
match up a print and a solid facing each other and sew a 1/4" seam along the long side of the triangle, then press. (I like to press my seams open.)
decide your layout for the front and back. Sew pairs together then combine them to complete the block.
here are what I have for my top and bottom blocks.
at this point, the original Moda tutorial has you cut a piece of batting the same size of the blocks and quilt it. I dont think this is necessary and skipped it.

Simply lay the blocks facing each other, and stitch around, leaving an opening for stuffing. Turn it right side out and stuff. Hand stitch the hole closed.
At this point you could be done! I added the buttons and yo-yo like the tutorial suggested and am really glad I did. It gives it the perfect little final touch.

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