Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm relatively new to the sewing world and have always wanted to try out making yo-yo's. But, like I've stated before, I'm a perfectionist and that has held me back. If you haven't learned the art of making yo-yo's yet, it's pretty basic: draw a circle and cut it out, stitch around the edge (the key here is making your stitching the exact length and exact distance from the edge), then pulling the thread to draw it in. Heather Bailey has a really great tutorial here.
But since finding these puppies, I feel liberated! These Yo-Yo Makers by Clover are well worth their $6 price. I got the "large" size which makes a 1.75" yo-yo. They are so easy and quick. I takes me about 3 mins. or less to make one using this genius guide. Once you get going, it's hard to stop.
First, insert a piece of fabric between the two discs, with right side facing down. Then trim, leaving 1/8-3/16" of fabric.Knot the end of your thread and while folding the edge toward the center, run your needle and thread through the guide holes, going through both layers of fabric. (The back has slits between the stitches so your thread wont get stuck.) Once you're back to where you started, make sure to leave your needle and thread attached.Then pop out the top disc and pull out the fabric. Give you thread a tug and the fabric will gather perfectly on it's own, forming the yo-yo. Knot the end to hold in place.If you make your yo-yo's without the guide, you can make them any size you want, just trace a circular object, larger or smaller to your liking. You can also make your stitch length shorter, giving you more gathers, and have a more open center. Or vice versa, use a longer stitch length, giving less gathers, and have a tighter center. It sounds opposite, but it's true, just ask Heather Bailey. Or try it out for yourself!

You can use these for so much. Just a few ideas I've seen are garlands, scarfs, broaches, quilts, and dolls. Or adorn pretty much anything: baby shoes, shirt neckline, purses, hair clips, zipper pouches, etc. You can add a button, jewel, or beads on top and a pin on back, and trade them out for your style of the day.

I cant wait to add these little cuties to my products (so keep an eye out for them!) And I am really excited to try out the flower shaped yo-yo.


  1. those would be so darling on a headband!! I'm starting to get sick of the regular ol' bows!!

  2. cool, I never thought of making a yo-yo. Love your giveaway! I use cloth diapers though