Friday, August 24, 2012

Beginnings of the Bike Quilt

When I first saw this bike fabric, I knew I had to make a quilt for my little boy out of it. So I finally got around to ordering some, along with coordinating prints, to put together a quilt for him. When it finally came in the mail I was super excited and showed it to him, hoping he'd share in my excitement (which you know with kids can really be hit or miss) and luckily he did!
Bike quilt fabrics
In fact, he was so excited, he asked if he could help. I immediately said yes, thinking it'd be fun bonding time to spend together, but knowing that him helping will definitely make the process more difficult and frustrating. But I have plans, which I'll share along the way, of how to make it a fun time and give him the best opportunities to help out. Like cutting...definitely not a good time for him to help.
So our first quilting session together we didnt do any sewing. First, we needed to draw out our blocks to get them just how we like and figure out the measurements for piecing. So below are pictures of drawing our blocks. He loved this part since he really enjoys drawing. He drew quite a few pictures of quilt blocks and fabrics.
quilt planning
Son's drawing of quilt block
Working with my son on his new quilt
Working with my son on his new quilt
Working with my son on his new quilt
Son's drawing of quilt block
First quilt block
Son's drawing of a quilt block
Second quilt block
Son's drawing of a quilt
This one is fabric (see the outline of the fabric and then he drew the pattern in.)
Son's drawing of a quilt
And I think this one is a quilt.
I treasure these drawings. Even if he decides he is not interested in helping with the rest of the quilt, this quilt will always bring back the fond memories of his excitement, working next to me on our quilting project.

Have you done any sewing with children lately? I'd love to hear how it went.

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  1. Where did you buy your bike fabric online? I've seen the white fabric with repeating bike wheels at my local quilt shop and she has some others but I am working on a color challenge quilt and can only use kona charcoal family and kona lime and one other color, which I have chosen to be white.. I'll have to look through to see if you posted the finished product!!