Monday, February 28, 2011


...they happen to us all, but you rarely hear about them in blogland.

I always like to hear the "real" story from the more experienced crafters and how to fix problems. So I figured I'd share mine...

Remember the post that I first showed this?
For Christmas, my Mother-in-law had a special request for a laptop case. So I took measurements and then went to work. Well sure enough, on Christmas morning it didn't fit. This is always my biggest fear (the same reason I don't make clothing.)

I had no idea what I was going to do fix it and not make it look terrible. My initial thought was to add a couple of inches onto one end, which wasn't really an option because it would look totally obvious. So I thought and thought, and finally figured it out...add a couple inches to the middle!

So I basically cut the whole case right down the middle. Cut some red fabric strips and batting to size then stitched the middles back together. I also quilted straight lines down the new middle section (since the original pieces were also quilted and to help hold it all together.)
Laptop case: version 2
I actually like the final version best! Love the contrasting red stripe down the middle and cute yellow button!
Laptop case: version 2


  1. I prefer the second version too! In catalan we have an idiom that says "fent i desfent aprèn l'aprenent" that means "Doing and undoing learns the learner".

  2. I love it! What a great thing that it didn't fit!